2005 Movie Reviews

Capote **** This film is based on the period of time in Truman Capote’s life where he did the research for his last book, “In Cold Blood”. Hoffman does an oscar-worthy job of acting the part. This movie is very well done and deserves to be among the best of the year. Wedding Crashers *** It’s funny. For some reason though, this year there has been no real good humor in movies, It’s sad. Great jazz songs playing throughout the movie. Wilson and Vaughn make a great combination. They should do more movies in the future. The Matador *** Dark comedy about an assassin and a regular guy that meet in mexico and become friends. Dives deep into the characters of Pierce Brosnan and Greg Kinnear. I short film, absurd in ways but pleasant in all. Land of the Dead ** Ridiculous. Mindless. Stupid main plot with absolutely unnecessary tangent plots. it’s a zombie movie, Romero seems to keep forgetting. Very corny “bad-ass” remarks by the main character. There a leader zombie, yikes. Stupid character introductions with idiotic nicknames. Completely mediocre and illogical script that makes no sense whatsoever. You hear the dialogue between characters and you think to yourself, “Not once have I ever talked in that way, nor have a ever heard anyone talk in that way.” I will say one positive thing, it’s innovatively gorry and kudo’s on the clown zombie, very nice. Do I even have to say it’s not scary. Memoirs of a Geisha **** Very “good-lookin'”. Very pretty and artsy. Look for oscar wins in this category. Prettiness. And Long. Long, slow and pretty. Good Night, & Good Luck **** This is a wonderfully made film about the communist debacle in the ’50’s. It tells the story of the CBS show “See It Now”. A wonderful cast with wonderful acting. George Clooney with his usual one-sided politics but it is indeed powerful. In Her Shoes *** A nice little story of 2 sisters that fall away and come back after the wilder of the sisters finds her grandmother in an effort to steal her money. Growing up and maturing, the wilder sister gets a job and gets the other sister and, later, her fiance’ to meet the grandmother and learn the truth of the mother’s death. All loose ends tied neatly into a happily ever after. Broken Flowers ***1/2 Typical Bill Murray. Very simplistic. Very minimalistic. Don Johnston goes on a quest to find the unkown mother of his “hypothetical” son. Several mini episodes of the present version of his old girlfriends. In the end, finding his son (I think) and has lunch with him before scaring him away.

Grizzly Man ***1/2 This is a documentary directed by Werner Herzog about Timothy Treadwell, a man that lived with in the wild and claimed to “protect” bears. This man is quite psychotic and was, after 13 summers, mauled to death by one of the bears he swore to protect. Treadwell exploited the bears and Herzog exploited Treadwell. Still, it’s a fascinating film. Brokeback Mountain **** This is a beautifully made film. It’s not necessarily a film about the physical love affair of 2 gay cowboys, but how they handle their relationship when they are not together. This relationship lasts years and follows them to when they are middle-aged and how their love for each other is still strong. However, it’s not for everyone. Actually, it’s not for most even though I saw this movie in the only theatre in Alabama that would show it and it was packed out on a monday night. People are seeing this movie. Predicting oscar wins for script, cinematography, actor, actress and best picture. Hostel **1/2 (2006) It’s not what you think. Not as much gore as you expect although there are some sequences not for the faint of heart. Think of it as “Harold & Kumar Go To Hell”. There’s enough comic relief to realize that this movie was not intended to be taken completely seriously. Tarrantino’s personality definetely shines through. Wolf Creek **1/2 …aka, The Australian Chainsaw Massacre. Nothing special about it. Nothing original or clever. The bad guy’s not even scary, probably on purpose but didn’t tickle my fancy. There are scenes meant to be suspenseful that just weren’t. The only thing that seperates it from every other horror film is that it’s not shot in your basic, run-of-the-mill cinematic way. This makes it not hokey and gives it a “real” look and is what makes it watchable. Wolf Creek is everything a horror movie should be except scary. The Producers **** What makes this work is that they didn’t change the stage performaance and direction a bit in the adaptation to film. It’s as if you are looking onto a stage of performers. Lane and Broderick obviously own their performances and you can tell they’ve played the part for years. Thurman and Ferrel make exceptional additions to the show. Munich *** Great direction by Speilberg. Great acting by Bana. I love movies about mobsters, assasins and the psychological effects thereof, however, this movie was a chore to watch. King Kong **** Magnificent! Nothing bad can be said about this film. You actually see a whole movie’s worth of film before you see the ape. This movie should convince everyone to stop buying the fullscreen dvd’s. King Kong makes perfect use of the wide screen. This is why we come to the theatre, to see movies on widescreen. Dinosaur on one end and King Kong on the other with Naomi Watts right in the middle. It’s a work of art, balance and blend. We studied stuff like this in art history class. It’s fantastic. Again, Jackson takes us to a completely different world where never-before-seen creatures abound. His CGI is better than i’ve ever seen in any movie. The production is incredible. The sound is incredible. The acting is incredible. Beautiful sunsets. Beautiful New York. Beautiful island. Beauty means a lot to this film. It’s Epic. This movie forever changes the future of film-making. Not just a breath of fresh air, but a “first breath of air”. It’s a rebirth. Naomi Watts, Adrian Brodie & Jack Black are nothing short of brilliant. The “look” of the film is fantastic, set in the 1930’s. Jackson captures the poverty and glamour. However, at it’s core, it’s a true love story. It’s plain to see that the Beauty doesn’t want to leave her Beast. And, just like it has too, the Beast dies for his Beauty. Jackson captures this love and portrays it thru this film. Superb! Syriana **1/2 It has it’s moments but it’s as if you put a puzzle together and used none of the right peices. The editing is bad. Jumps around too much for even the keenest and most acute of minds to keep up. George Clooney and Matt Damon both give good performances. Very political…is George Clooney trying to tell us something? If he is, perhaps his message might be better received if it were given thru a decent moveie. A History Of Violence ***1/2 Albeit the crappy acting (aside from Ed Harris and Aragorn), due to the even more crappy script, and the fact that it takes 20 minutes to really get into the film, this movie is really good. It’s a learn-as-you-go type of film. Not all like this work but this one did just fine. Gorry in places and intense sexuality in others. The tracking and camera work is what really caught my eye. Very creative and proffessionally done. Jarhead **** I loved it and I don’t care what the reviews say. Before going to see it someone said to me…”it’s not even about war.” to which i replied “there wasn’t a war.” to which he replied “touche'”. A psychological “war-movie” that really gets inside the heads of a soldier regardless of the amount of combat he has experienced; because most of the mind struggle doesn’t even take place in the war, but back home with their families and wives/girlfriends. It is comparable to “full-metal jacket”. Jake Gyllanhaal is excellent and Jamie Fox continues to impress me. **About to bust wide open: Lucas Black** Rent **** I absolutely loved it. It is an incredibly difficult adaptation from stage to screen but Chris Columbus makes it look as if the transition was done with ease. The original actors from the stage performed as if they had been in movies their whole lives. The music is incredible and the story is fantastic. Within a short amount of time you find yourselves caring a great deal for the characters. Very little dialogue, most of the movie is singing. Better than the critics say. Pride and Prejudice **** A very elegant adaptation of Jane Austin’s epic novel. Having to compress the novel into just over 2 hours, the movie was a bit of a highlight reel from the main story. However, the peices were put together beautifully and the story flowed as if nothing had been removed. Keira Knightley is great (albeit a little annoying) and Donald Sutherlan has a great supporting role. Look for nominations from these 2. A cinematography nomination and win is most definetely deserved. The camera tracking, timing and production is amazing. Will end up one of the best of the year. Walk The Line **** Joaquin Phoenix is Johnny Cash in the biographical film that is based on 2 autobiographical books of the life of Johnny Cash. Walk The Line begins with the loss of his older brother as a young child and the long-lasting impact it has had on him and continues thru his life as a country music singer. Reese Witherspoon gives a magnificent performance as June Carter Cash and I think that this would earn her a nomination for an oscar. The film drives thru Johnny’s problems suffering with substance abuse and his relationship with his parents; focusing mostly on the start of Johnny’s career and going all the way thru to the beginning of his marriage to June Carter. The actress that played Johnny Cash’s first wife sucks. The film is great. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire **** This installment of the harry potter series is the best so far. Unlike the Prisoner of Azkaban, I don’t think that you had to read the book in order to understand the movie. Mike Newell did a fantastic job of the adaptation of the book into it’s film form, keeping in the stuff that is essential, and leaving out the stuff that isn’t necessary for an understanding of the story. The film is extremely stylistic using wood, metal and stone to give it a more 18th century english look. It’s very dark. This is my favorite of all the books out so far and I can say without reservation that the movie did it justice. The effects are incredible. There’s some real humor in a script that is constructed in such a fantastic way that you never get lost in the storyline or the plot. This is no small feat considering the complexity of the novel. The movie maintains it’s course, parallel to the book, to the very end. The most anticipated scene for me, and i’m sure many others, was the graveyard scene at the end when Lord Voldemeort returns into is more physical form. Of course, the ideas in my head of how the scenes would have looked were a bit different, however, Mike Newell’s vision of the book in it’s entirety is nothing short of brilliant. As an avid Harry Potter fan, I am more than pleased with the way the movie turned out. North Country ***1/2 I think I detect a hint of “oscar race” in the air. North Country might be the first of several “late bloomer” movies that wait until the end of the year to be released for the basic fact that they want to be in the oscar race. This movie could very well be in it. Charlize Theron and Woody Harrelson are fantastic. This movie is about sexual harrassment against women in the coal mines in the north and one woman’s (Theron) struggle to bring the woman together and equality to the coal mine as well as the whole nation. Boring, yes, but it’s good. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit **** This is a great movie for all ages. The claymation is marvelous. If you liked the shorts then you’ll love the movie. I never saw the shorts but thought the movie was incredible. It’s an enjoyable tale of a pest-exterminator and his dog. The new-found extermination process goes bad and leaves the duo with a fun mystery to sovle…well, really just gromit. It’s funny and has a great look to it. The Greatest Game Ever Played **** A fantastic depiction of a true story about a young, working-class boy, Francis Ouimet, who struggles with the urge and natural born ability to play golf, and his father’s values of working hard for a living. Choosing the former, the young lad wins the U.S. Open against the world’s greatest golfers, including his idol, Harry Vardon. It taps a little into the mind of golfers just enough to realize the anti-type that is between Francis Ouimet and Harry Vardon. This movie is anything but cliche’ and doesn’t rest on the shoulders of what very well could’ve been a bit romantic. The movie is about golf and it sticks with golf and little else and in doing so, kept me intrigued. No eye-rolling in this one unless your trying to wipe the tears. War of the Worlds **** Spielberg is amazing. You tend to forget how great the effects are because of how involved you are with the characters. The father-daughter relationship improves throughout the movie and this captivates the audience. The effects really are cool. You can also overlook the weird stuff like how the brother comes back at the end, because the movie is so outstanding. From how the aliens look to the cool ray guns, Speilberg has shown more of his originality thru this movie. People also tend to forget that Tom Cruise is a great actor and not just a crazy nut. This is the summer-thriller of the year… well this and Batman Begins. Batman Begins **** This movie truly depicts what the superhero, Batman, is all about. No more glamour shot movie poster of george clooney, no more goofy cartoonish gotham city, this movie completely wipes the slate clean and starts anew; and even makes way for a sequel (joker). I also love how this movie stears way clear of anything ever done that had part in taking the other batman movies down the crapper but keeps the comic-book and old tv show characteristics that give the story its uniqueness. i.e. gotham city in danger of being gassed, bad guys with gas masks, bruce’s mom’s pearl necklace in the parent’s death scene, all of the prisoners escaping from Arkham Asylum. Everything from hi simple black suit all the way down to the way Christian Bale talks as Batman gives the movie it’s reallness and keeps it grounded as far as the stories it is based on. This movie takes you along with Bruce Wayne in his training, finding of the batcave, the first suit he used and how he gets his gadgets. The cast is great. Not too many jokes like the other ones. I loved it and can’t wait to see it again. Crash **** This movie is incredible. It seems like a movie like this would be released at the end of the year instead of at the beginning amongst all of the crappy movies. Crash is a movie that deals with racial issues in L.A. It has a great cast i.e. Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle, Brendan Frasier, Ryan Phillipe’, Matt Dillon and Ludacris, all of whom do an excellent job. Compare this movie to Shortcuts and Magnolia. The character’s individual stories seem to “crash” into each other throughout the movie, all connecting to each other in the end. Don Cheadle continues to impress me and I predict an oscar by the end of the decade. It’s also good to see Ryan Phillipe’ in a good movie. Sin City **** Sin City is very impressive. This is another movie with an incredible cast. Of course one ofthe main reasons I like this movie is it’s effects and the production. One of the big reasons this movie is so well-liked is because it just plain ole looks cool. However, what caught my attention right off the bat was the narrative style of an old comic book, black and white detective movie from way back in the day. Something like this hasn’t been done in quite some time and it kept me enthrawled. I like how you only see Josh Hartnett at the very begninning and the very end…I also like his job. Fever Pitch ***1/2 A good chick-flick about a highschool teacher (Jimmy Fallon) who’s obsessed with the Red Sox. He finally finds a woman (Drew Barrymore) that accepts his obsession and goes to the games with him. Eventually, her job gets in the way and he has to choose which to keep. In the end, they end up staying together and best of all, he keeps his season tickets. Perfect mix of mush and testosterone. Charlie and the Chocoloate Factory ***1/2 Tim Burton’s take on the Roald Dahl classic is very imaginative and stays closer to the book than the old Gene Wilder movie. Personally, I prefer the new Tim Burton version than the older; never was a big fan. Johnny Depp sends out a goofy performance, but good nonetheless. Johnny gives his fans (girls age 11-45) another reason to go crazy over his all but normal acting style. This one’s very good and very imaginitive. This movie is very impressive visually and captures the real essence of the story better than the original. The Interpreter *** The Interpreter is one of the best of the year so far. Nichole Kidman and Sean Penn do an excellent job as usual and their chemistry together is really good. It’s pretty much you’re basic who-done-it movie with a love interest between the two main characters. What sets this movie apart from the rest aside from it’s good acting and dialogue would be that Sean and Nichole don’t fall into, what might would be an obvious guess from everyone, a romantic state and get together at the end. Keep it professional. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith ***1/2 Revenge of the Sith is a breath of fresh air for me and i’m sure some of the more avid SW fans out there let out a sigh of relief after it was over. It was long-awaited and well worth it. There was more awesome action and incredible special effects. I loved how there were new ideas added to characters like the clone troopers and new characters altogether. It was actually sad and very moving. You actually care for the characters’ well being, even Anakin’s, even though you already know his fate. The dialogue was a few steps up from the first two episodes. I really enjoyed finding the missing link and seeing just how all of the peices of the saga really fit together; and they do quite nicely…during the second time around though, i was a little stir-crazy. Red Eye *** Short and Sweet. They’re in a plane for 3/4 of the movie. This part really hits the thriller part of the movie. Very Hitch-cocky. At the end there’s an excellent chase scene and you can really tell that Wes Craven directed it because it’s straight off of Scream. Corpse Bride *** Short and sweet. A fun movie with a good little story. The claymation is simply fantastic. A very gothic tone to it. It looks amazing. Good score. The March of the Penguins *** Fantastic documentary on the survival and life of the Emperor Penguins on the South Pole. Great narration by Morgan Freeman and score to go along. Very informative. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe **1/2 **ATTENTION**: This movie/book is based on a true story. The names and places of the people/animals involved have been changed in order to…well…retell a story in order to make it more appealing?…or just to make money?? Yes, I can plainly see how the story parallels meanings and events in the Bible. It is quite clear indeed that Aslan represents Jesus. Edmund represents all of us…hey that’s neat…I never thought of it that way…oh wait, yes I did. The story is grossly saturated with Religious symbolism, which is bold and brave for Adamson and also a good thing to see put into the anti-christian society of which we live in, but i’m more of a fan of subtle and slight symbolism. The movie is a little more childish than I had hoped but then again, the book itself is very short & elementary; written for children to enjoy. Hence the reason for the “padded-down” fight scenes. It was very good visually. In some places there were some really breath-taking shots. However, there were some spots where the background looked like I was playing on a Sega. The animals talk; this can be tricky and very hard to take seriously, but the talking animals in this movie is the best i’ve ever seen. (i.e. Dr. Dolittle & Racing Stripes) Although I kept waiting to hear Chris Rock’s voice emerge from a rat somewhere. It is indeed a very good representation of the book. A fantastic film in its own right. Very emotional. However, do no go into it looking for the exitement & effects of Lord of the Rings or the complexity and creativity of Harry Potter. But if you’ve read the book and want to see Andrew Adamson’s representation of it, then I highly recommend this movie to you. Saw II *** Just like in the first Saw, the ending had crossed my mind at the very beginning. The same goes for this one. I kinda knew what was going on. Really, it’s kind of obvious. The storyline wiggles its way thru and finally finds itself in a rather brilliant ending; begging the setup of Saw III. The dialogue was absolutely horrible. I would venture to say that the dialoge and acting were both worse than the first. However, I think the 2 main characters from the first Saw did a better job of acting in Saw 2…you’ll see what I mean. Saw II is very suspenseful, which is what it set out to do…I think. So for that it does a good job. Elizabethtown *** They had to drag me into the theater to see it. Despite the horrible reviews, I thought this movie was pretty good. There were a few ruts in there and you could really tell they were just trying to make the movie longer. The movie is definetely too long. However, the best thing about the movie is the soundtrack. Immediately after it was over (not a moment too soon), I went to Wal-Mart and bought the soundtrack. Definetely better than the reviews say. (www.rottentomatoes.com) The 40 Year-Old Virgin *** It was funny. I laughed a lot, but it wasn’t that type of laughter where I just keep laughing. The laughter stops just like a second after each joke, which was really the same joke over and over sortof. So my laughter was like HAHA, as opposed to BLAAHAHAHA…followed by silent laughter that makes it hard to breathe. I miss movies like that. I dont agree with the high rating that it has on rotten tomatoes. I didn’t think the movie was that good. Steve Carell is very funny. However, he uses this “comical” behavior to cover up for his crappy acting. You can only laugh at this kind of character for so long. It’s like in Anchorman, Steve’s character was perfect. You only saw and heard him ever-so-often, and just ever-so-often enough to where it was really funny….but this character isn’t made for a whole movie. A lot of the jokes weren’t even funny. His friends weren’t that funny, especially the big guy. Mediocre at best. Mr. and Mrs. Smith *** This move is pretty funny and entertaining. 2 assasins realize not only that their spouse is an assasin, but that they have become each others target. It’s fun to watch this one unfold and see how they squeeze out of their little fix. It’s very action-packed and quite funny. Definetely a good summer movie to go to. Kicking and Screaming *** Kicking and Screaming is entertaining and one of those that keeps you laughing throughout the whole movie. It’s probably Will Ferrel’s best yet. However, it’s not just Will who’s funny in this. Some of the kids on the team provide the humor throughout the movie. The cute chinese kid and “Beans” from Even Stevens are really funny. The humor factor in this movie allows you to overlook the fact that it is a bit predictable but not as cliche’ as other movies like this. It’s good and I really liked it, therefore I won’t compare it to The Mighty Ducks and The Little Giants. Bad News Bears ** If you like Billy Bob and his creative combinations of cuss words, then you’ll love this movie. If you liked Bad Santa, then you love this movie even better. If you like to see and hear little kids cuss like sailors, then you’ll absolutely LOVE this movie. Tanner the blonde kid that always fights is identical to the original character. I also like this movie because it doesn’t stray from the original story and it doesn’t turn into an underdog miracle story like those that are too often made. It works. Skeleton Key *** It wasn’t scary and it wasn’t incredibly entertaining. However, it didn’t try to throw retarded looking effects that are made to look like ghosts at me. And the end wasn’t a totally inexplicable twist of plot that left you cross-eyed when you left. It’s a movie about voodoo and it sticks to what it tries to do. House of Wax **1/2 House of Wax is the best horror movie this year. In a genre that has been quite lackluster in the last few years, House of Wax comes in a completely gives huge horror fans like me hope that there can still be good horror movies made. It isn’t the best horror movie at all, but it just lets us know that people are giving it a good try. No creepy little girls, no supernatural evil, just psycho guys with crazy hobbies. 2005 so far has been a year full of horror movies and it seems that there will be many more to come out during this year, but with movies like Amytiville Horror, Hide n’ Seek and The Jacket (i’m counting this as horror) that completely suck, House of Wax is one that I left the theater pleased, and that doesn’t happen hardly at all when watching a horror film. I went into the theater thinking that House of Wax isn’t going to be good, but it’s one that I have to see and I came out relieved and filled with a new hope of future horror movies. Not the best, but better than the recent. Gore…suspense…basic old fashioned scary movie plot that works…all here. Kudos House of Wax! You suprised the heck outa me! Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy **1/2 Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is very good visually. You couldn’t ask for better effects for a movie of this nature. I was really expecting something more along the storyline of the book and that’s really not what I got. I know you should always look at a movie and the book differently but it’s almost as if this movie was based on another book entirely. The humor wasn’t as funny as the book and the storyline was almost entirely different. I loved the books, well, the first 3, and I was really, really wanting to love this movie, but i’m afraid I didn’t. I probably won’t buy the DVD. Dukes of Hazard ** Halfway thru i was ready to jump thru the window of my 1969 Dodge Chargergo and burn out…because I really was “burned out”. Funny in some places. It just got old quick. It’s a good movie for the highschool kiddies to go to. I liked the Super Trooper connection. Hitch ** Hitch is a chick flick. I was bored halfway thru. I’m kindof tired of Will Smith. I think he has potential to be in great movies but he tries to be too much of a “smooth operator” in all of his movies if you know what I mean. Eva Mendes is annoying. The Longest Yard ** This remake is pretty true to the original. However, this movie comes up way short to the Sandler comedy that we were introduced to. Sandler continues to grow as an actor but this film is just so cliche’. There were several parts in the movie when I laughed out loud which is hard to come by these days. However, this movie isn’t the funniest Sandler movie. Sandler’s comedy gets lost in all of the hussle and bussle going on in the film. It was as if they were holding him back from being the funny one and let too many other people try to be funny. At the end there’s about 1000 loose ends that all get tied together lazily and quickly because there’s only 30 seconds left in the movie. This movie is somewhat fun but there’s something missing. I miss Happy Gilmore. The Brothers Grimm *1/2 This movie sucks. The special effects suck. Watching the background of this movie is like watching an old playstation game. The movie tried to tie together many old fairy tales into one big plot and it didn’t work. The plot itself was unclear to the audience and, i’m guessing, to the actors themselves. I found myself wondering whether the director knew exactly what direction the movie was going or if he just made up on the spot where to go next with the story. The story is overflowing with confusion. For example, something happens and you’re like “what?”. That’s what i’m talking about. I was at least hoping to see some really cool visual stuff going on, but that puttered out about 15 minutes into the movie. I was glad when the end was over. However, I was still plagued with perplexity by the amount of confusion and inconsistency the ending had in store. …it’s grim. The Ring 2 *1/2 (horror) If you didn’t like The Ring then you won’t like this one. If you did like the ring, then you still may not like this one. It’s boring and it’s stupid. I kept wishing I had the ability to crawl thru the screen so I could punch that annoying, cocky little kid in the neck. The Ring puttered out at the end and someone decided they could pick back up and accelerate with a sequel. They were wrong. Naomi and the creepy boy get attacked by a pack of wild CGI bucks. That might be the scariest part of the movie. Stupid. Hide and Seek * Hide n’ Seek. Hide n’ Seen it and I liked it better when it was called Secret Window. The Amytiville Horror * The Amytiville Horror wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. It was much better than the original. I had read reviews before I saw the movie (which I don’t make a habbit of doing) and was expecting it to suck a lot more than it did. I still hated it though. It was too goofy and no one died except for the dog. Always listen to the dog, even when he’s barking at dead indians in the lake under your boathouse. I thought it was funny when dude was yelling at the kids. The babysitter scene and the priest on the bench scene were cheap ways of getting some background story into the movie. Unfortunately, there still wasn’t enough information. I couldn’t take this movie seriously. I’m so tired of creepy little girl movies. Fantastic 4 * A piece of crap! A 15 minute movie stretched out into 2 hours. They finally fight Dr. Doom during the last 10 minutes of the movie. Stupid, corny one liners and retarded plots underneath one ridiculous main plot. Too bad the solar wind storm didn’t kill them in space. My friend uses the term “walking special effects”, i’m going to say this applies. Let me take the spin off of my review thus far…It sucks. The Devil’s Rejects 1/2 Okay, I think I know what we’re dealing with here. There’s a difference in a scary movie that boldly crosses the line and does some really horrific things within reason to make you cringe and a movie that crosses the line just to cross the line and in every second is doing things to make you cringe, yet, not boldly, suprisingly or scari…ly. This is where Rob Zombie comes in. This is a poorly directed movie with a derelict screenplay and horrible acting. I know he’s not trying to make an awesome movie, but he is trying to make frightening movies that leave the audience awestruck. Instead, the audience just leaves. And while they’re leaving their thinking ‘i could’ve done that’. And they’re right. It requires no talent whatsoever to make “The Devil’s Rejects” and “House of 1000 Corpses”. It would be one thing if a talented person would make movies like these, but there’s absolutely nothing special or original about this movie. (letting the bad guys always win is not original.) The thing is, this is supposed to be an insane crazy movie from one of the most disturbing minds alive today. But as it happens, it seems that Rob Zombie’s really no different than anyone else. He’s not that disturbing. Give me a crappy run-down farm, 5 people from the astrodome (thanks Katrina) and $500 and I can reach my hand around and give you a piece of crap too. The Jacket 1/2 The Jacket sucks. It’s horrible. Can’t even be compared to The Amytiville Horror. What genre is this? It’s not even worth being categorized. I understand if nobody else saw this because I think it was in the theater for about 6 hours. Adrian, what were you thinking?