The Last Exorcism, Takers and Avatar…AGAIN

In case you didn’t engorge yourself on Avatar last year, then apparently you’ll get a second chance at overindulgence starting this weekend when it opens in 700+ theatres. Avatar is getting a re-release based on the fact that there are nine extra minutes of Pandora footage that the audience just absolutely has to see. One can’t help but wonder why this extra footage wasn’t added to the DVD upon its release in April of this year. That seemed like a good enough time as any. No matter! I am sure it is totally worth forking over another $10.50 (assuming that it’s 2D) to watch the exact same movie over again.

Personally, you couldn’t pay me to sit through that overly long, poorly written, unoriginally concepted cartoon again. Granted the special effects are amazing and innovative and the first of its kind and yada, yada, yada, but what should we expect with the enormous budget that James Cameron had to work with? Give me $300 million bones and I will hire the best of the best and just make sure that they get it done. Cameron manages to take a recycled story of Pocahontas attached to some cutting-edge special effects and allows the world to believe that he did it all. I have to admit that I was pleased to see the look on his face in Kodak theatre when his ex-wife, Kathryn Bigelow, (deservingly) won the Oscar instead of him. By the way, check out The Hurt Locker at a Redbox near you.

Didn’t Avatar make enough its first go-round? Domestically, it has made almost $750 million and just under $2 billion, globally. Just like the army from planet Earth that just had to get all the “Unobtanium” from the mines on Pandora, Cameron is making plenty sure to suck as much cash as possible out of his audiences. No doubt those die-hard fans are thrilled to see the film again in IMAX 3-D (the only format worth watching this film in) and those that didn’t get a chance to check it out the first time will make sure they experience it now. Be that as it may, I’m staying home.

Avatar is playing at Regal Green Hills 16 and Carmike Thoroughbred 20 starting April 27th.

The Last Exorcism opens this weekend and its pre-release buzz is quite positive, though that can change quickly. A Louisiana priest documents his last exorcism, but is faced with a far greater challenge than he anticipated. The Last Exorcism uses the same basic plot from its preceding exorcism-related movies and again, the victim of this possession is a teenage girl. We’ll see if the decent reviews can withstand opening weekend.

Takers is the latest heist/action flick locked and loaded with B-list actors and hip-hop artists. This movie spells disaster, but who am I to say how poorly it will perform at the box office when The Expendables made a surprising $34 million its opening weekend. Nevertheless, lightning never strikes twice in the same spot. But if you like explosions and guns and Paul Walker, this just might be the movie for you.

Both The Last Exorcism and Takers are playing in multiple theatres throughout the Nashville area.

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