ACE Eddie’s & the Oscars

The ACE Eddie awards have been awarding films for their excellence in Film Editing since 1961.  Since 1999, there have been 2 categories: Comedy/Musical and Drama.
Here I will be comparing statistics between ACE, Oscar Film Editing & Best Picture for the last 49 years.
ACE – Comedy/Musical                      ACE – Drama                  Oscar Film Editing
Alice In Wonderland                             The King’s Speech                   The King’s Speech
Easy A                                                 The Fighter                               The Fighter
The Kids Are All Right                         Black Swan                              Black Swan
Made In Dagenham                              The Social Network                 The Social Network
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World                  Inception                                  127 Hours       
From my data, a film has never won Oscar Film Editing without also being nominated for the ACE award and vice versa.  Inception is the glaring omission here so unfortunately, we can eliminate it from winning the ACE.  Likewise, the same can be said for 127 Hours and the Oscar Film Editing award.
A) 71% of the time ACE & Oscar Film Editing match.       
             – 31% of the time without also matching Best Picture.
B) 41% of the time ACE, Oscar Film Editing & Best Picture pick the same winner.
            – This has happened 4 of the last 5 years.
C) 47% of the time ACE and Best Picture have matched
            – 6% without also matching Oscar Film Editing
            – 2 of the 3 times has been when Directors Guild doesn’t match Best Director
                        – 2000 – Gladiator/Traffic
                        – 1995 – Braveheart/Apollo 13
D) 14% of the time all 3 winners have been different.
            – haven’t all been different since 1989 (20 yrs)
E) 49% of the time Oscar Editing and Best Picture have matched.
            – 8% without matching ACE
F) Since the split category split in 1999, ACE & Oscar Film Editing have matched every year but 1.
            – 2000 – Gladiator/Traffic
The King’s Speech is winning everything so it has the momentum going for it. 
If The Social Network wins the ACE, then look out for David Fincher winning the Oscar Best Director.
ACE WINNER – The King’s Speech


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