13 Assassins – 2011 Nashville Film Festival

13 Assassins was so much fun!  Takashi Miike, who has directed over 80 films, directed this film as well.  13 Assassins takes place in the peaceful mid-1800’s towards the end of the samurai era.  An older samurai has been charged with assassinating an evil lord before he becomes too powerful.  Our 13 assassins are recruited, trained and set out to accomplish their mission to destroy evil.  13 Assassins is very reminiscent of Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai and it was fun to see a modern-day version.  This film doesn’t take itself as seriously as Seven Samurai and doesn’t try to seriously attain that type of grandeur.  However, 13 Assassins knows it’s fun.  There are some horrifyingly disturbing parts of the film as well as some humorous ones.  Our 13 warriors set up base in a small town in the pathway that the evil lord has taken.  They setup up many explosives and booby traps and sit and wait.  The over two hour film ends with a final hour of non-stop, intense, exciting and very violent samurai sword fighting.  Our 13 heroes take on over 200 enemy samurai and defeat them handily.  The film is very well directed.  The violence is prevalent and there’s a good bit of realistic style to the filmmaking.  I thoroughly enjoyed this film which was one of the late-night screenings at the 2011 Nashville Film Festival.  The NaFF staff gave a funny and appropriately dramatic introduction to a very excited audience.  This screening was a lot of fun.  Be sure and look out for this film when it gets a theatre or DVD release.  

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