Franklin Theatre – September 9th – 11th

The Franklin Theatre is jam packed this weekend with movies for your viewing pleasure.  Busting right out of the gates, the Franklin Theatre wastes no time in providing continuous options for film lovers following a complete overhaul earlier this summer.  The Franklin Theatre is one of very independent arthouse theatres in the Nashville area.

SUPER 8 – Friday, September 9th – 1:20 PM
J.J. Abram’s science fiction thriller centers around a group of teenagers sneaking out I in the middle of the night to make a film.  What they witness turns their attention to more important matters and puts them right in the middle of a real-life monster movie?  If you’re looking for a fun time at the movies, then this is it.  Super 8 is one of the more exciting and nostalgic films of the year.

WINNIE THE POOH – Saturday, September 10th – 10:00 AM
Bring the whole family this Saturday morning at 10:00 AM where there will be a screening of the new Winnie the Pooh.  The film has received great reviews and currently sits at 91% on  This is a perfect opportunity to make a memorable moment with the family.  Get the kids up early, grab some breakfast Merridee’s or the Franklin Mercantile Deli and catch this screening of Winnie the Pooh.  You’ll be home just in time for a long nap and the Alabaama/Penn State game.

 ANNIE HALL – Sunday, September 11th – 4:00 PM
It’s “supposed” to rain this Sunday.  Would you like to know what Alvy Singer would do?  He would probably spend the day in a movie theatre.  To me, nothing sounds better than spending a rainy day indoors and watching one of the greatest films ever made.  What’s more, you get to see it on the big screen.  Woody Allen directs and stars opposite Diane Keaton in the ultimate romantic comedy.  Annie Hall won the 1978 Oscar for Best Picture and it sits at #35 on the AFI Top 100.  What better way to wind down the weekend?


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