The Belcourt Theatre – September 9-15

It’s that time of year where the Nashville Area becomes more acquainted with the upper echelon of the 2011 films.  Thanks in large part to the Belcourt Theatre, we Nashvillians have exposure to some of the greater films out there.  This year is no different.

September 9-12, the Belcourt Theatre will screen a 4-day run of Project Nim, the critically acclaimed documentary about the chimpanzee, Nim, who was raised like a human child by a real family and subjected to lengthy, sketchy studies in the 1970’s.  Project Nim is sitting on a strong 97% on and an 83 on Metacritic.  The film’s reputation precedes it; performing well at many film festivals including Los Angeles, Edinburgh, Full Frame and Sidewalk Film Festival.  It’s directed by James Marsh, the Oscar winning director of Man On Wire.  Project Nim is one of the most talked about documentaries of 2011 and is sure to rack up some accolades come awards season.  We have only 4 days to catch this film at the Belcourt so mark your calendars for this one.  See below for Project Nim’s schedule at the Belcourt.

Friday  9          4:30, 8:25
Saturday 10      12:00, 4:30, 8:25
Sunday 11        12:00, 3:00, 5:00
Monday 12      3:00, 7:00

Also beginning Friday, September 9th at the Belcourt Theatre is the British action/sci-fi/comedy, Attack the Block, about a gang of Londoners who come across a crash-landed alien.  As more of these creatures invade, the gang finds itself in an all-out street war with this group of misguided extra-terrestrials.  Attack the Block is directed by Joe Cornish (also screenwriter of the upcoming Spielberg film, The Adventures of Tintin) and is produced by the same guys who brought us Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.  Attack the Block does not yet have an end date at the Belcourt, but don’t procrastinate.  You very well may want to see it twice.  Attack the block is set to play this Friday, September 9 through next Thursday, September 15 at 2:00, 4:00, 6:00, 8:00 & 10:00.


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