This Weekend at the Belcourt – March 30-April 1

The Turin Horse is a 2011 Hungarian film directed by Bela Tarr and is a fictional take on the fate of the horse that was protected by Friedrich Nietzsche, which caused that illness which stuck with him until his death.  Another fascinating aspect of the film is that it was shot in only 30 takes.  The Turin Horse won the Grand Prix and the Berlin Film Festival as well as Official Selections at the Telluride,Toronto and New York Film Festivals.

Bullhead is a 2011Belgium film directed by Michael R. Roskam about a cattle farmer roped into dealing with a sketchy beef trader.  Bullhead was nominated for Best Foreign film at the 2012 Academy Awards.

 Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a 2011 Japanese documentary directed by David Gelb about the 85 year old, Jiro Ono, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest Sushi Chefs in the world.

Diary of A Country Priest – April 1 at 7:00 pm
This 1951 French film directed by Robert Bresson stars Claude Laydu and a priest struggling with keeping his own faith during a deathly illness while tending to the needs of his flock.  The film is based on the 1937 novel written by Georges Bernanos. Diary of A Country Priest won the Grand Prize at the Venice International Film Festival.

Army of Darkness – March 30 & 31 at midnight
Army of Darkness is the final film in Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead trilogy, a series that goes from horrifyingly scary with The Evil Dead and eventually ending with the outright absurd comedy, Army of Darkness.  Bruce Campbell returns as the main character from the other films, Ash, and is now trapped in the Middle Ages battling claymation zombies and skeletons and must fulfill a quest in order to return to his present time.  What started out as a legit horror series, albeit with its own type of humor, ends with Army of Darkness going all in, lock, stock and smoking barrel with this slapstick medieval quest film that has virtually no ties to its preceding films save for the main character and his trust chainsaw.  Not to take away from Army of Darkness as a stand-alone film.  The film has its own band of trusted fans and has a strong presence in the world of cult films, hence the midnight showings.  When looking at Army of Darkness by itself, one can appreciate its humor and style, but when the 2 preceding films of the trilogy have such a strong standing, for some, it’s hard to do so.

A Trip to the Moon & The Extraordinary Voyage – March 31-April 2
A Trip to the Moon was made in 1902 by George Melies.  This weekend, the Belcourt will be showing the hand-colored version, which was found in 1993 and which took 11 years to restore.  It’s absolutely mind-blowing to consider that, just 7 years after the very first motion picture was made, Melies created a color, science fiction film about astronauts boarding a rocket to fly to the moon.  The Extraordinary Voyage documents this exhaustive and expensive restoration of A Trip to the Moon from its original production, rediscovery, restoration and the premiere of the revitalized film at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.  The Extraordinary Voyage will be play following A Trip to the Moon.

Hugo – March 31 at 10:00 am
In keeping with the screening of A Trip to the Moon, Hugo will be playing this Saturday at 10:00 am as a part of the Saturday Kids Shows, which screens a movie appropriate for children every Saturday at 10:00 am through the month of May.  Hugo is directed by a legendary film director in his own right, Martin Scorsese, and is a fictional story surrounding the filmmaker, George Melies and his groundbreaking film, A Trip to the Moon.  Hugo won 5 Oscars at the 2012 Academy Awards including: Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Cinematography, Art Direction and Visual Effects.  It’s a wonderful movie for all ages.

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