The Wizard of Oscar


An idea struck me.  It was a very clever idea, but a task quite daunting.  I have long been a film buff and have long been obsessed with the Oscars.  I love trying to see every nominated film from each year and the ride it takes me on.  I love having the perspective from having seen every film involved and being able to agree or disagree with the choices made for the awards.  Sometimes I agree with who the Academy chooses to give the Oscars to, but sometimes I don’t.  I love predicting who will win and I love complaining about who should have won.
This brought me to my idea.  The idea is that I will try to watch every Best Picture nominee from the inception of the Academy Awards in 1927.  As of 2009, there are 479 films that were nominated for Best Picture.  I have seen 175 or about 37% of all of them, but with this project, I deem it only fair to re-watch those films.  This could take years.
The plan is to watch one year’s nominees at a time.  This won’t happen with every movie for every year, but for the most part, it is the fairest way to view these films with a critical eye.  I will put myself in the moment of each year as if I were watching all of them during their time.  I will try to apply the thoughts and events of the day to those films.  I will consider why each film was nominated for that time.  I will also give my opinion on if the Best Picture winner should have actually won and if not, which film.  And if there was a movie from a certain year that wasn’t nominated, but I felt it should have won, then I will discuss that as well.
This will be a slow process.  I am saying that out front because I do not want to burn myself out on this.  I’m not giving myself a schedule to go by because I don’t want to get stressed.  This will be a fun, yet difficult project.
I have identified every nominated movie and where I can find those movies (Netflix, Library).  However, there is one main hurdle I have already encountered.  There are 48 movies, spanning 21 separate years that I cannot locate.  In those cases, I will watch what I can and try and not get too upset if I still am unable to watch those films.  I will do what I can with what I can get and try and keep my head up.  Chances are, if a film is unavailable, then it’s probably not the best.
I hope some of you will keep up with my progress and enjoy my blog.  I will start with 1960and go in no particular order.

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